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This is my favourite hand and body cream of the moment, and for a long time I’m sure. I mostly use hand cream out of necessity, not so much because I love the experience, but this cream takes things up a notch!

There’s something different about Warbotanical’s Organic Lavender Hand and Body Cream. It has a light, fluffy texture, and the consistency is just right for me. It’s moisturising yet, doesn’t leave a heavy sensation on the skin, and when applied before bedtime, I wake up with soft, smooth, moisturised skin. Because of its consistency, the cream isn’t readily absorbed into the skin, but it requires light coaxing. I now enjoy applying the cream each night, on my hands and arms especially.

It took a while for the scent to grow on me, there’s a hint of lavender and I can’t place the other scents, also because I’m not familiar with ingredients like Cohune and Hemp Oil, which I might be picking up. I now don’t mind it, and the scent doesn’t linger in a strong way anyway, and doesn’t taint my experience of this hand and body cream.

Give it a go!

Available from Warbotanicals’ website for $30. *Tester’s favourite!*