Hello, this is Gracie and my ma wants me to review this Warbotanicals Pooch Wash for Spoilt Doggies. She’s been so misled by Courage the Cowardly Dog who is unusually proficient with the computer that she mistakenly thinks I can be an overnight blogging sensation. (-_-) Well, my ma is my sole food provider and I hate to disappoint her.

But she is insatiable. She said that since I’m at it, I might as well just paw out her views about the non-doggie Warbotanicals products she is using too. So technically, I’m your much-exploited guest blogger today because I only get one product and it’s not even food I can eat!

You know I don’t give a hoot about blogging. It’s not edible for dog sake! But I realized that it is HARD WORK and much worse than waiting for crumbs to drop from the dining table. First, I have to pose with the product because ma wants me to mimic the beauty bloggers with an FOTD. And it’s not one pose but like a gazillion poses in different angles! GRRR. I was so spaced out by the end of it all.

Then ma said I need to disclose how I got this shampoo. She said I must put it down as a complimentary shampoo from Warbotanicals. Okay, whatever. I most certainly didn’t beg for it. She also told me that I must be honest in my review and not mask it with lies or euphermism. I don’t really know the meaning of that last word there but I get that I should call a bone a bone. Okay, I’ll do it but can somebody just throw me a bone first?

Okay, ma just checked on me and told me not to waste her blog estate with my rambling and to get on with my review already.

Warbotanicals Pooch Wash For Spoilt Doggies | 250ml, S$22

First off, I want to tell the people at Warbotanicals—think they’re Aussies because that’s where the product is made—that I AM NO SPOILT POOCH! When I first saw the name, I thought there must be a mistake because surely this shampoo is meant for Poodles or Chihuahuas. Spoilt is not consistent with Shihtzus, well certainly not me! I’m sweet and meek. (^_^)

Alright, name aside, the shampoo is okay (check okay is not euphermism). I kinda like it because it makes me smell nice. Also, ma said the clean ingredients mean this product can work for my sensitive skin. I think that’s true because I didn’t get any angry rashes after using this.

Still, ma didn’t use it often on me because I was already prescribed a medicated shampoo that I must use regularly. But she takes this with me to the groomers because she trust this shampoo better than the groomer’s so-called hypoallergenic shampoo which made my skin all red and irritated.

So my conclusion is, this shampoo is great for Poodles and Chihuahuas and any other dogs with normal skin or mild skin sensitivities because it is a Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS)-free shampoo and contains essential oils of lavender, neem, tea tree, eucalyptus and lemongrass in a coconut oil base. I understand from the Warbotanicals’ website that coconut oil keeps the fur smooth and silky and gives a lasting sweet scent, while tea tree and eucalyptus oils help fight ticks naturally. Paws up!

Oh, ma said I should give this product a rough rating. I think it’s a 4 out of 5 paws for me. It’s quite a huge bottle at 250ml and cost S$22. Not too expensive.

Ma Gripes About Packaging

These are the products for my ma: a Warbotanicals Rose Damask Hand Cream, a Warbotanicals Cuticle Oil and a Warbotanicals Eye Gel. How is it she gets three and I’m required to write her review? #sonotfair #iambullied

Anyway, when Ma first received these products from Warbotanicals, she told me they reminded her of another Australian brand known as Bod Organic. She said something about their packaging looking similar. But Bod Organic did not have anything for pets whereas Warbotanicals’ range is comprehensive, ranging from skincare, haircare to pets and bathroom care. They even offer essential oils and herbal tea.

But too bad the online store based in Singapore only brought in limited products, not the full range. I see that pooches in Australia not only have access to the Warbotanicals Pooch Wash for Spoilt Doggies, they also have the Itchy and Scratchy Pooch Wash as well as an Immune Boost for Canine.

Actually Ma took a long time to begin using these products. I think she wasn’t too impressed at first, seeing how all the creams and gel are housed in open jars. She said that not only would they degrade more quickly, it’s so not hygienic to dig fingers into skin creams all the time.

Warbotanicals Eye Gel | 30gm, S$25

This must be Ma’s favorite because I see her using every morning. She once mentioned that it has a faint rose scent and it gave her eye area a warm sensation when applied. She seem to associate the sensation with the eye gel doing something for her eye area but I can’t see much of a difference. Maybe her eyes look less puffy but other than that, they look about the same to me. Maybe they’ll work to lighten up my brown eye patch?

But ma really likes this product—not sure if it’s because this product has a very short ingredient list (aloe vera gel, rose water, organic white tea extract and gotu kola extract) or that the gel does not cause her foundation to cake up. I suspect it’s also because the 30gm jar is very affordable at only S$25. I think that’s why she didn’t mind that it came in an open jar.

Warbotanicals Rose Damask Hand Cream | 120gm, S$36

I like to smell and lick Ma’s hands when she applies this. The rose scent is light but detectable. When I lick her hands, I found something rich and nourishing. I later learned that this hand cream has 20 percent organic shea butter.

This is the full ingredient list: Distilled Water, Organic Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerine, Emulsifying Wax (coconut oil), Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Rose Damask Oil, VO33N (tea tree preservative).

Ma is not very pleased with this hand cream in a jar. She thinks it’s not hygienic. She also said that while this hand cream is rich and nourishing, the cream does not get absorbed too quickly if she applies too much and just sit on top of her skin. Well, I like that though because it nourishes my tongue when I lick her hands!

Warbotanicals Cuticle Oil | 25ml, S$27

This product is a bit of a waste on Ma. I don’t see her using it often enough. Ma seems to be lazy about opening up the bottle to drip the oil.

Yet, this blend of sweet almond, argan and avocado oils combined with Silicea 6x is said to nourish and strengthen nails, and help to prevent nails from peeling. Perhaps my ma would be more incline to use this if the people at Warbotanicals added a sweet smell in the oil?

And it seems that this product is the most expensive of the products she’d received. Ah, I for one don’t encourage my ma to pay S$27 for 25ml. That $27 should just go into my food fund. But despite what Ma says about this hand cream, I see her using it daily. It must be the rose scent that kept her interested. Good thing my food is not rose scented or she’ll definitely gobble them all up!

Oh geez. I’m dog-tired from all that review! Like completely zonked out! Please never ask me to write another review. Licking my paws is a less intense activity.

I know my ma likes that all the ingredient lists in Warbotanicals’ products are clean and short, nothing complicated. In addition, the prices are quite affordable. I like that Warbotanicals is cruelty free—that means dogs are spared of all the testing on the products. I once watched a program where dogs ate lipsticks for food! Are they even tasty?

Okay, I shall not yelp any further. If you want to check out Warbotanicals, look up their website here.